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Many platforms to play with!
20 April 2011

I feel pretty bad having this site here, waiting for some coding/styling luv. But if you really want updates from me you'd better read my tweets. Like before, I still think that mobile and tablet development will be key markets in the coming years, so it's important to play and learn from each distinct platform. Currently looking at Xcode 4.x for iOS development in Objective-C. At first I thought it would weird and difficult, but the GUI builder is quite nice, and if you know a bit of C/C++ you'll grasp the concepts soon enough, even if it the syntax looks weird ;) Android is up next, as Windows Phone 7 development is not yet a serious business here in the Netherlands, considering they more or less didn't launch (at least not seriously if you don't support the local languages, and features like Xbox Live and the Marketplace). Of course it could also be an opportunity if the platform gets truly popular. Knowing Microsoft they have their software (Visual Studio) and platform support on a high level, so who knows I might switch priority after all.


Toying with ideas
23 May 2010

I must confess I've not spend time to finish this web site (which is usually the case with personal web sites). So what am I spending my time on? Well related to computer science I'm looking into Objective-C (used on the Mac, iPhone, iPod touch) as I might see a future for developing iPad applications.

Besides, refreshing C/C++ is always a nice thing to do anyway. It's the whole experience of deep-learning (more and more Java web) and wide-learning (Java, C#, C/C++/Objective-C, Groovy, Scala) that as a combination makes it interesting to me. Of course in the end you're learning basics of a language and concepts that can be adapted in different situations.

The Apple iPad, regardless of Apple's marketing talks (any company does that), can change the way we developers offer applications or services. It's a device that perhaps is best described as being for everyone and lingers everywhere. If anything can replace the morning newspaper during breakfast, it's a tablet like the iPad. This also means that as a developer we now have another time and space to developer interesting applications for.